Scheduling Python Scripts using Azure Function App and Task Scheduler — Part 1

  1. Deploying it to Azure VM using window’s task scheduler
  2. Deploying it to Azure using Azure Function App

Deploying Python Scripts to Azure VM using window’s Task Scheduler

  • To create a task, search for “Task Scheduler” in windows search box.
  • Click on “Task Scheduler” and select “Task scheduler Library” to see the list of scheduled tasks.
  • To create a new task, click on “Create Task” in the right menu. Under ‘General’ tab, add name for you task and check ‘Run with highest privileges’ and click ‘OK’
  • Under ‘Triggers’ tab, create a new trigger by clicking ‘New’ and select ‘Begin the task on a schedule’. Select start time and settings as per the requirement. If you want to repeat the task after certain interval, go to ‘Advanced settings’ and select duration and time. Click ‘OK’
  • Under ‘Action’ tab, create a new action by clicking on ‘New’ button. Select ‘Action’ as ‘start a program’. Under ‘Program/script’, add the path to python executable. To get the path for python executable, open cmd prompt and type ‘where python’.
  • Under ‘Program/script’, add the python executable path. Add the file name under ‘Arguments’ and file path under ‘Start in’. Click ‘OK’ to continue.
  • Again press ‘OK’ and your script is scheduled to run at the given date and time.




Data Scientist | Computer Science Engineer

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Pranjali Parnerkar

Pranjali Parnerkar

Data Scientist | Computer Science Engineer

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